The Future of Creation in New Life Science and Research
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  1. Life Advice Ideas ----- "Designed and created by God women are to love, to teach, to show kindness, compassion, and joy. God gave us girls. God gave us guys. Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness or understanding through experience or education."
  2. "God created women to be knowledgeable in leadership, powerful intellectuals, and great leaders. Jesus the Son of God is someone she can lean on if she needs help from someone to lean on in her life. She just needs to believe in Jesus, God, the Bible, herself, and Heaven."
  3. "What countries treat their women worker's well-being and welfare the best? The answer is Europe."
  4. "All women believe in the devil and hell before they believe in Jesus, God, and Heaven that is just the facts so it make sense that more people would end up in hell before Heaven."
  5. "If the Queens of England were living today they would say, celebrating the joy of the warmest wishes and kindest thoughts by offering special blessings and protections with support and honours for each and everyone at the holidays. May everyone be delightful and encouraging with their emotions and continue to be supportive with positivity, cheerful in their personality, and hopeful throughout the year."
  6. "If Confucius was living today he would say, if you live past tomorrow you will be dead by today and if you live past yesterday you will be dead by tomorrow."
  7. "Peace is beauty that advances our lives and the world around us. From sunshine to the smile of a child with the love of a mother and the joy of a father, all brings togetherness of a family."
  8. "What are the most attractive characteristics of a beautiful woman? Kindness. ... Positivity and Sense of Humour. ... Passion. ... Confidence. ... Emotional Responsibility. ... Decisiveness. ... Gentleness. People Qualities Are Leadership Courage Integrity Creativity Optimism Confidence Patience / Partner Personalities Are Humour Kindness Trust Respect Compassion Affection. What are the most interesting psychological facts about attraction? Opposites really do attract. Scents, hormones, and physical features have their advantages. Money and resources benefit the relationship."
  9. "The more fun you have the better the life. Life is made to have fun, don't let life make fun of you. Life is too short to be bored. Life is more fun with friends. Be the reason someone smiles today and make the world a better place. Today is a special day. It has turned out to be a beautiful day. It is great to be here today to work hard and play hard. I am glad to be here and excited to have a really good time together. What do you prefer beauty or laughter such as beauty and the comedian, the prince and the comedian, or the kings of laughter?"
  10. "We need to come together to hear the stories of the nation by finding solutions in these moments. Preparing and carefully taking notice of encouragement indicates capturing individual's imagination and emotions."
  11. "We are witnessing the day that changed eternity forever when the government's need to donate and take care of the world happened with the simple idea of love me, feed me, never leave me."
  12. "Rise up Keep up Hold up Move up What's up Listen up Speak up Rise above. Keep it for real. Make us believe. Show us love and mercy. Don't make us cry. Don't belong to anyone else. It's time like these we learn to give and give and live again. The guilty explain and complain about excuses being close to your heart with a chosen broken heart and broken wings on the boulevard of broken dreams."
  13. "We are wishing and hoping for an eternal friendship that we can see, discover, and experience the products of unique masterpieces for well suited moments of life."
  14. "I can light a fire in your heart and soul. She says everybody has lived a cruel life. She says suppose you want me to propose to marry you with a purpose of marriage. It's times like these that are the good times with better times ahead. Light your life with the biggest and brightest dreams and be dreamy too. We're here to be remembered for our dreams and memories. You are always forever one of the loved ones that is apart of our family's heart and memories; you always will be remembered forever."
  15. "Life is beautiful if everyday you give a little love to everyone you see. Wake up every morning with the philosophy of painting a picture by being thankful for your health, just relax, and enjoy the day with the sun shining on you. Life is about having good times, being happy with the ones you love, and sharing fun emotional memories and exciting experiences everyday."
  16. "Are you waiting for life to hit all the right high notes? Where you make as much as you want, drive what you want, and live where you want. Dreams do come true if you pursue them. Do you dream of fantasies; do you fantasize about mysterious and curious dreams coming too true?"
  17. "Cooperative negotiation in theory and practice with motivational negotiators follow through to create communication, trust, and respect."
  18. "Men and women IQ on astrology, signs, and planets. Zodiac Constellations Signs are Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius. Celestial Heavenly Body Planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Personality Key Qualities Related To Sun Love Personified Personally, Moon Love Feminized Emotionally, Mercury Love Verbalized Communication, Venus Love Extended Relationship, Earth Love Trusted Mutually, Mars Love Eroticized Energy Mr. and Mrs., Jupiter Love Optimized Intelligence, Saturn Love Stabilized Physically, Uranus Love Revolutionized Ideas, Neptune Love Idealized Spirituality, Pluto Love Intensified Karma."
  19. "Time is the most valuable thing we have as we watch the pendulum swing. We come into this world quietly and we leave this world quietly. Physically, we get 9 months in the womb to ourselves and then we get an eternity in a casket so we must enjoy every moment like it's the last and value what life has to offer with good and bad."
  20. "The power of love and happiness is in our dna. Find your true love that is what geniuses do. Love can change your life forever for the better. Love lost can never be found again. What moves with love and is unbreakable? The answer is your heart."
  21. "The ten best compliments to say when you are in a relationship "'You're My Best Friend'" "I Believe in You" 'I'm Better With You' 'Lookin' Good!' 'Hello, Beautiful' 'Nice Hair!' 'I Miss You' 'I Love You' 'I'm So Thankful for You' "'You Look Amazing'" "You Are Absolutely Lovely and Perfectly Amazing"."
  22. "Advance411 on some great advice for women in the form of lyrics. When I look you in the eyes, mind, heart and into your dreams, I see this perfect paradise staring back at me just another day living in America. Life is a funny place that is how the story starts. She is super naturally beautiful and she says she hopes this works what if this is true then she will know she has been here in life. We love when she does that, I say to her. Oh yeah baby, she says you are a boy or a girl that will grow up to be a man or a woman. She can clearly show us how to have fun. Does she know the women have spoken, "She is a woman who wants everything. She is everything we need; she is funny and smart and works hard for her money and always ready to party and have a good time". She wants us to unlock her golden heart and her insightful mind with only her spirit and soul. I am sent here by you to adore you; I am the product of your imagination and the way you have envisioned life. She is wishing for an eternal and everlasting friendship. She is showing us how strong she is and how tuff she is with her strength and positivity. Her strength is her positivity. We love her personality and her self-confidence. Her best qualities, favorite features, and greatest strengths are her positivity, her personality, and her love. The future is bright for thoughts about interesting, surprising, amazing, and exciting discoveries. I wish upon a star waiting to see what happens next, but I don't know what to expect if our dreams will ever come true. Anna, Emma, and Ella are celebrating life and designing time with peace in mind. She is an angel that wants to ask a question with a connection to passion, emotion, and feelings. She is accomplishing everything that she set out to do and speaking her voice for good. She has always looked good but now she even looks better than ever. She is the reason we are beautiful. She looks beautiful in anything royal blue and bold gold. Nothing but beauty. Our DNA. Your Chromosomes. Together will you wear my ring, marry me and carry our baby. She has the face of a rose, a lion, and love with a heart shaped face. Her eyes are of roses along with her lips and her heart. She has her heart, her sparkling eyes, and a smile that light up our world with universal energy about herself. She is nice like nectar, fine wine, and sparkling water. You are fine when we wine and dine spending our time making you mine. It's time like these when we wine and dine spending our fine time making us better together. Clearly her darkness from her makeup and her clothes makes her more mature with her looks. If you're in a relationship you will always truly love them everyday forever. Loving her moves and confidence that keeps her beautiful. She wants to be loved forever everyday together. She is looking totally amazing with her diamond hair made of ivory lilies, her diamond eyes and her diamond skin with her ruby red lips, her ruby red cheeks, and her ruby red heart. Believe in yourself. Be better together. Be you move on with yourself. This goes out to all the rich ladies of New York that work hard, make money and love but not war. Show me you know me love me the same but not for the fame. You got a body that looks like you just got out of the sauna. Tell me how you really feel; beautiful be who you are be yourself stay true to yourself be unique and embrace yourself the way God created you. She really does believe, what else is their to believe in together forever. Are you bringing us your best self? Feed me, tell me I'm pretty, and hold me forever. You can dream about us with our friendship and in your heart, always of course. She is lead to believe in whatever it is she believes in and is taught. When our girl cries, she cries diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. She beautifully struggles being naturally beautiful. Start her up. Fire her up. All day. Always say her way is better together. Jesus and God got her up today. She says she has dreams only on her heels and her lips for today. She is simply the best, deserving the best, and better than all the rest. I only want to be with her together forever for the better. She looks truly beautiful with her California gold hair made of ivory lilies, her gold-diamond eyes and her golden skin with her ruby red lips, her ruby red cheeks, and her ruby red heart. She's bright like a diamond all the time. Step into the light and go back in time. Love living your life in blue and gold as a dream for God in Heaven, enjoy the moment imagine it believe it. Are you dedicated to your success. Don't love loneliness make yourself lovely and not lonely be together. Listen to your heart. Does she have the mind, the moves, the beauty, the body, and the actions of a kitten that's what's on the minds of young adults."
  23. "Bedtime Stories, Fairy Tales and Children Books - My Dear Prince Charming and Sweet Enchanted Princess: The prince and princess becoming a king and queen. They live a life that is great and that is all they have to rely on forever. The princess that would believe in fairy tales changes her life and relationships to help strengthen herself. Only then the advancing darkness had fallen and escaping the endeavors for the retreating light to shine had come to an end. Let us go and hurry off after listening to their remarks about the fairest of them all. Let's go for happily ever after. All hail the King and Queen of England. The True King and Queen of Eden. Disney is making the interpretation of fairy tales into movies. The Emperor's New Clothes - The Little Mermaid - The Nightingale - The Steadfast Tin Soldier - The Red Shoes - The Princess and the Pea - The Snow Queen - The Ugly Duckling - The Little Match Girl - Thumbelina - Alice in Wonderland - Beauty And The Beast - Brother And Sister - Cinderella Or, The Little Glass Slipper (Felix Lorioux) - Fortunatus - Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Hansel and Gretel - Jack And The Bean-Stalk - Little Red-Riding-Hood (Gustave Dore) - Little Snowdrop - Marianna - Peter Pan - Prince Cherry - Puss in Boots (Gustave Dore) - Rapunzel - Rumpelstilzchen - Snow-White And Rose-Red - The Sleeping Beauty In The Wood - The Tale Of Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter)"
  24. "The title of our song is Editting Time. They went for a long walk along the Sun Lake with gentle wind breezes in spring time with the sound of song birds and with the shimmery light of the early morning sun. They were surrounded by people laughing and talking, oak trees, fish, white swans, and turtles. They could smell the flowers and the trees with the hues of blues and reds alongside with the warmth of the sun. They were left feeling relaxed with their mind and body at peace. God gave us our memories so that we might have flowers in spring, roses in December, and winter snows in God's Angel Parks."
  25. "God has a purpose for our lives. God is great. Glory to God. My Family. Live in the eyes of God. Praise the Lord. God made us. God loves you. God the Father shines His light down upon us and surrounds us with His love and warmth. With God's help, God illuminates our lives and the road in front of us. God hears you and God is listening to you. He says he knows the world, he says he knows the word. God lives in our heart. God made people with feelings to see how we would be respected. What if God was one of us a man, woman, president, king, queen, and pharaoh that sacraficed himself to be a bird, dinosaur, and fish for the sake of nature and humanity. "
  26. "Believe us and trust us in the moment, join us if you like to see Heaven by believing in the Bible."
  27. Science Advice Ideas ----- "The Sun is the source of energy for most of life on Earth. It derives its energy mainly from nuclear fusion in its core and releases it into space mainly in the form of radiant energy."
  28. "The universe is 13 billion years old. The Earth is roughly 5 billion years old along with the surrounding planets. Our Sun has 6 billion years of energy left after which the Sun will remake itself new again."
  29. "Science is engineering human embryonic stem cells in the laboratory for educational and corporate institutions to create stem cells that promise to treat diseases in the future."
  30. "Science has created seedless plants but has science found a way to make seeds from organic chemicals unlike genetically modified engineering to create the perfect vegetables and fruits?"
  31. "We have come to reality with genetically modified vegetables and the science of gene edited human embryos using CRISPR that will forever change genetics."
  32. "The best foods for healthy living habits to strengthen and boost an immune system with a great natural healthy nutritional diet are oranges, apples, berries, bell peppers, broccoli, spinach, tea, water, whole grains, nuts, and eggs. Eat your way with these wonderful superfoods to always keep you looking young, youthful, and healthy forever for your flawless skin's elasticity with these key foods that have antioxidants, probiotics, electrolytes, and amino acids because they help slow down the process of aging such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts with examples as watermelons, cucumbers, spinach, and tea."
  33. "Did you know the human brain needs fat to function and is composed of a minimum 60% fat and 40% protein and is made of soft tissue with nerve cells, non-neuronal cells, and small blood vessels. Two thirds of body iron is present in circulating red blood cells as hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body, and myoglobin, a protein that provides oxygen to muscles."
  34. "The language of artificial intelligence might have been science fiction years ago but computers have developed to a point that they can think for themselves such as autonomous intelligent vehicles."
  35. "The speed of light is the fastest form of travel at 186,000 miles/second or 671,000,000 mph. The speed of sound travels at 761 mph or mach 1."
  36. "One wonderful formula addressing practically anything with time travelled equivalent to time equals distance divided by speed."
  37. "Earth's original soil will evolve humanity to be smaller with toxins from saltwater and the missing microbes that changed Earth's oldest soil."
  38. "Against science advances climate change is happening right now with no safety planet plan in place. Who are we going to leave these continuing unforunate actions to endure the rise in global warming hardships?"
  39. "Books are created from trees for knowledge next electricity stores texts and pictures from computers and now new DNA sequencing will show us an unique outcome for people. We created the code for our language next we designed computer code and third we are coding and decoding our dna."
  40. "From the rise of a golden fusion sunrise to a mid afternoon platinum, silky, silvery, and baby blue atmosphere lastly to a sky lighted violet and crimson red sunset edge, all the hallmarks making for a beautiful day."
  41. "The world is dreaming at night about the oceans, the stars, sunrises, sunsets, and rainbows. It's like sunshine and rainbows mixed with a little sugar, spice, and everything nice."
  42. "Cats are solitary in behavior, curious, and mysterious creatures while dogs are domestically social."
  43. "Flower's pollination unite to create chemistry, harmony and humanity."
  44. "Facetime is the new future for communication in transportation."
  45. American Advice Ideas -----"Generally in winning in sports, the goals for scores in each game should be above 100 points in a NBA game, 20 to 30 points in a NFL game, and 5 to 10 points in a MLB game for a successful team to make it to the playoffs. MLB, NFL, and NBA league combined player salary for each year is four billion dollars in each sport for all combined players. MLB plays for the World Series, NFL plays to win the Super Bowl, and NBA plays to win the Finals. Professional tennis players and athletes learn from their mistakes so that they don't repeat them to win. Learning from your mistakes wins games. With the creation of many athletic sports, their have been less wars."
  46. "The qualities, strengths, personalities, and characteristics of a leader or leadership is creating one successful idea after another by being smart, wise, and intelligent with your decisions, results, actions, performance, and excellence. Align the stars to professional performance with a path in leadership that contributes to factors for effective success."
  47. "We are featuring and providing collections of designs that realize potential future creativity, creations, developments, and ideas. The mind has good vibrations when there is discussion, conversation, dialogue, and communication. Food is all the world needs not wealth. People were not made for space travel but robots are."
  48. "Through our commitment and inspiration with the youth and our fans, we are privileged in our endeavors to help out the community each and everyday. We are proud of our progress, achievements, accomplishments, successes, and our efforts to further improve our responsibilities with the community. We thank you for all the support you have given us and continue to give us."
  49. "Introducing the all new Discover and explore advance We're helping build America's future. Together, we can inspire new lifestyle experiences. Come on and join us for an amazing experience. You will experience advanced reimagined adventures with us. The future of the world is waiting for you to become successful."
  50. "Highly anticipated news excites a great deal of interest from exclusive to luxurious. The finest time of our life is today. The best time of our life is now. Our heart and our mind are happy as one. We are dreaming of a happy time. We are thinking of a happy time. We live in a beautiful world and we live in the best country. Enjoy life, today is beautiful and life is beautiful. Love every single moment. We are blessed to be alive in this time, here and now. Learn to love and you will be loved. joy. happiness. love. simple. enjoy. life. Peace and Love. Poets from heaven."
  51. "Quotes on how to live longer - Live. Laugh. Love. Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die today. We live for God until we die to our death on Earth. We live to die and die to live again in Heaven. Noone knows how many days we have to live so listen to your heart before you close your eyes to lay down and die. Why are we born to die? Live to die another day. Who knows what tomorrow can bring? Remember that you only get to live each day once. Death is not the end. There is no end to your energy even when death is the end another life begins."
  52. "We are eating the rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables in variety with health benefits and having a color coordinated fridge. Eating color coordinated fruits and veggies for better health and having a rainbow colored fridge."
  53. "Children need help with which foods give them the healthiest energy and feel good food to get through the day the best; so they need coaching tips from their parents. The fresher the meal the stronger the person. Make sure your metabolism is working right by giving your body a week to recover if you have consumed the wrong food's in your diet. Weight loss exceeding 15 pounds gives signs to a new body appearance look that people will notice."
  54. "We are continuing to experience the combination of unique style, the fastest power, the highest performance, and exclusively crafted luxury with praised likeability and popularity in mind while creating our designs. Experience power. Experience performance. Experience luxury."
  55. "We are reimagining and reinventing societies while reengineering social thoughts about futuristic minimalism traditions in men and women in the twenty-first century."
  56. "We are anticipating, understanding, and recognizing the nature of experiences into transformations of perceptions from the imagination such as the journey in a winter wonderland."
  57. "We feature modern architecture designs with attention to premium details in luxury interior and exterior styling."
  58. "We're at the beginning of building a new millennium in society and technology that is advancing everyday. Our advanced computer architecture technology has powered advances for the past 20 years in the fields of computers, software, and hardware."
  59. "We're helping remember their successes they achieved for us by associating the days of the weeks with monday for princes and princesses, tuesday for chiefs and chieftesses, wednesday for pharaohs and pharaohesses, thursday for gods and goddesses, friday for kings and queens, saturday for emperors and empresses, and sunday for presidents and first ladys."
  60. "If the healthy, wealthy, and wise profit then they will prosper and survive dreaming of a future that is full of amazingly beautiful times, ideas, and peace."
  61. "America creates new innovative jobs and ideas from past industries such as media and technology companies that exist now but are based off old historical fundamentals."
  62. "America's current model and work ethics are working hard, being beautiful, and having happiness. This world is built upon our imagination."
  63. "America is first in growing capitalism. Europe's ability to rule is in its history but what is in its future. China is where there is the most population. Latin America has a lot to gain by developing relationships with the world. India's greatest strength is its location in the world. Russia has a history of getting what it wants by standing up for its self."
  64. "If you pursue an ambition of reaching new heights and achieving importance get the benefits of an enriching education."
  65. "College programs are great for daily performing artists acting with their creative skills, theatre performances, and advance dances that like to display their artistic works of art while there is quality that is original and all its own."
  66. "What we need in higher education? You will join a wonderful, diverse, and supportive consortium of educators striving to make a greater impact in the lives of all ready to take on new leadership together in their educational roles."
  67. "With a Harvard education, you can describe a picture in detail with people as the subject, action of the subject, location of the event, and time of the event for that day (people, action, location, and time)."
  68. "Teaching technology education increases experience in learning, benefiting help, and correcting the strong understanding of the challenges we face using this traditional valuable knowledge of results to succeed."
  69. "We need teachers in roles as Universal Education educators backed by America's government with college libraries books such as Ivy League schools like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale scanned into Google books for free access."
  70. "The Royal House of Stuarts, Tudors, and Windsors from Wales owned and controlled half the world's real estate."
  71. "The Great Awakening and the Enlightenment in America are with strong records strengthening restructuring philosophy for more prosperity, progress, and success."
  72. "Introduction to relationships, sex, dating, love, marriage advice, lies, affairs, & divorce including finding bio, net worth, and marriage status."
  73. "Everyone in society that likes horror movies either had a bad childhood life or horrible adult experiences in their life it seems as it goes."
  74. "Legends and superheros are all stories apart of early Earth in Europe based as a form of entertainment in mythology and now again with comic book characters reenacting history in America."
  75. "Statue of Liberty's vision of victory is a country of immigrants. Her vision is of equality. Her mission is to raise and distribute money to projects and to influence others to do the same. America doesn't fear failing. America doesn't fail. You are doomed to repeat history if you don't learn from your mistakes."
  76. "California history was founded in 1850 now owned by US. California was started and created with the idea of getting riches and wealth with gold on its land. California first opened and developed colleges and universities shortly after its founding. California launched and built today's modern Golden State."
  77. "Here are ideas with poetic order. America benefits capitalism. Alternatives become communities. Anywhere benefiting citizens develops everywhere. Diamonds evolve forever."
  78. Future Advice Ideas ----- "Future explorers of planets and miners of asteroids with help from robots will be the world's next wealthiest billionaires. The next big idea is mining asteroids in space to build spacestations right beside the asteroids without having the supplies come from Earth. Continious repetitional gravitation is science."
  79. "The future talent of America will be about worshipping Italian design, German engineering, and British refinement; European pure perfect perfection namely Versace and Mercedes Benz."
  80. "The future of next will be now about reading people's emotions and responses with invisible computer's monitoring and acting upon actions such as a person sweating or using thermal imaging then the computer turns on the air conditioner."
  81. "Changing the future of history by bringing people together in a new way that does not already exist like computers, smartphones and televisions. Computers can answer all the questions now that books can't."
  82. "Leading the Future: People want a reason to get into technology. The key ideas given to visions and decisions of the future are 100% real solutions for a better world. News tries to uplift people's spirits until the next event happens."
  83. "Schools telecommute with video software in the future to create with the best effort effective strategies, challenging leadership outlook skills, and teaching the right persons for the jobs."
  84. "We the people are created equally as described in the United States Declaration of Independence and online businesses because of technology are created equally with any site getting equal access through a browser. The microsoft's and the apple's in the beginning of the internet started with the brick and mortars to go online with a digital strategy or go out of business because of the use of advancing technology software. Reinventing business ever since Tesla ipoed, all oil businesses have been struggling to do better and with the invention of the internet such as Amazon brick and mortar companies are going bankrupt. Tesla is putting oil companies out of business along with Amazon shutting down mall stores."
  85. Business Advice Ideas ----- "Google and Facebook make money while owning their own network of computers in the internet virtual real estate world."
  86. "Histories first robot battlefields powered by Google. Drone wars of 2050 when 100,000 drones shipped from America to France to fight rebels are hacked and used against the government as lethal killing machines. The drones of war only mission is to put an end to society."
  87. "The advancement of technologies advances wars as soon as inventions are invented. Will wars kill us off? Car and airplane inventions led to world wars. The internet has yet to create world wars."
  88. "Favorite words of the day is a one page dictionary using all 80,000 words of a dictionary for each language to describe news and images our latest feature better than Google news."
  89. "The most successful business people use all the earth's resources such as materials, commodities, and living things in their businesses while recycling to achieve the highest profits."
  90. "The latest businesses in the past century are trains, telephones, cars, planes, radios, tvs, solar power electricity, computers, and the internet each with its own founding owners along with the reinvention of electric cars, wireless smartphones, and meatless burgers. Where will these businesses be in a 100 to 1000 years? Trains, cars, and planes were heavy mechanical items created in the age of machines a century ago were as now we use lightweight products like computers, radios, and tvs in the age of information in our lives. What resources will be used in the future inventions such as lightweight or heavyweight materials and items?"
  91. "How many Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Porsches have been made and sold since their debut almost half a century ago 30,000, 200,000, and over a million automobiles respectively. Currently about 90 million new automobiles are being produced in the world every year with already one billion vehicles on the roads and streets globally."
  92. "About 143 billion gallons (nearly 3.4 billion barrels) of gasoline were consumed in the United States in the last year, that is a daily average of about 391 million gallons (nearly 9 million barrels) per day. Meaning US energy companies make a combined revenue of $800 million a day or $300 billion a year. Drivers use anywhere from 1 to 3 gallons of gasoline every hour in their vehicles which totals to a combined 200 billion hours a year commuters spend in their vehicles. Drivers travel 3 trillion miles a year."
  93. "Solar Power and Panels: One square foot of solar panels generates 15 watts with 2 acres creating one megawatt of electricity for nearly 500 residential homes and the electricity generated from a square foot is roughly a nickel to a quarter of a dollar in profit. How much land would US need to set aside to be powered with solar? US has 3,600,000 square miles of land with half a percent needed to power USA with solar power electricity or the equivalent of 21,000 square miles (14,000,000 acres). USA consumes 4 trillion kW·h/yr."
  94. "How many resources from food to materials and appliances by weight does each american use in their lifetime's environmental footprint impact? It's estimated that US is 5% of the world's population but uses a third of the world's paper amounting to 7 trees a year per person, a quarter of all oil, copper, aluminum, and coal. Each american adult eats 200 pounds of meat a year consuming on average 2000 pounds of food yearly. From cars to homes, every american produces 200,000 pounds of trash in their lifetime."
  95. "If you are working at a company with 22,000 employees and the CEO is paid $22 million then each employee makes $1000 for the CEO to take home in his/her salary this idea works for the highest paid best performing CEOs at America’s 100 largest companies without regard to the lowest paid employees."
  96. "Who is the richest, wealthiest, and most powerful family in the world? Are you born into one of the richest dynasties in the world? The Bettencourt Family. The Albrecht Family. The Slim Family. The Arnault Family. The Ortega Family. The Mars Family. The Koch Family. The Walton Family. The heirs to the Walmart fortune are the richest family in the world."
  97. "New York continues to be the billionaire capital of the world and the wealthiest city on Earth. The 10 cities with the most billionaires are New York, 103 billionaires Hong Kong, 93 billionaires San Francisco, 74 billionaires Moscow, 69 billionaires London, 62 billionaires Beijing, 57 billionaires Singapore, 44 billionaires Dubai, 40 billionaires Mumbai, 39 billionaires Shenzen, 39 billionaires. There were a total of 2,325 living billionaires in recent years with 2,039 male and 286 female billionaires, accounting for US$7.3 trillion of the world's total billionaire's wealth."
  98. "The companies listed on NYSE have a total market capitalization of $30 Trillion. The 2nd largest stock exchange in the world is NASDAQ, with a total market capitalization of $10 Trillion at the intersection of technology and billionaires. Total value of all U.S. homes are $30 Trillion with the value of all real estate property in the world at $217 Trillion."
  99. "Investing ideas: Should you invest in cash, equities, commodities, or real estate? What is the best state to invest in now? California has the best companies with nvda intc aapl fb goog orcl csco qcom adbe dis nflx v. Do you prefer to own the coolest and most popular branded family friendly companies like nke aapl amzn fb dis? Various Nasdaq stocks are more valuable than the history of gold's price. We live in a trillion dollar economy with Apple and Amazon worth one trillion dollars a piece. Buying and selling diversification investments made into opportunities for execution such as smartphone makers, best suvs, mortgages, retirement, healthcare like bidencare, ipos, oil, gold, and silver. Active vs. Passive Investing: Which should you prefer and why? Active investing is continuously taking advantage of your positive positions in the markets. Passive investing is selecting targeted funds that manage your money over time. Value vs. Growth: Which is the better strategy? If you are looking for low p/e ratio stocks go for value. If you want higher p/e ratio stocks choose growth. Ten key studies to understanding the markets are 1. Earnings per Quarter 2. Stock Dividends and Fed Interest Rates 3. Volume 4. Income/Revenue Statement 5. Commander in Chief Ideas and Actions 6. Commodities 7. Do the Math. Study, What Works. 8. CEO 9. Foundation: Housing, Energy, Goods, Transportation, Finances, Technology, Government (ie. LEN XOM JNJ UNP JPM IBM LMT) 10. GDP and unemployment rate. Open your eyes and look to the future to watch out for the next recession. Once-profitable markets, products, catalogs, and companies created jobs for malls and retailers that were in the shopping outlets. Why the biggest stock market crash is still coming and how you can prepare yourself to profit from it. What's the next big thing that comes next after silicon valley? AI, cloud, and bitcoin are the future in tech. In a world with changing business models, many companies survive by increasing their market share for better profits. Discover the secret to profits in these tough times while avoiding debt and poverty. Here's a situation when a business creates new innovative products then the stock price advances but if a company stops producing new ideas the stock price declines. Where to invest $1 million right now? What to spend your one millionth dollar on? Google vs Amazon vs Apple vs Facebook: Which one is winning the engineering battle? Who will lead the next technology industry revolution? Marketing to the youth with their healthy lifestyle and their higher education. "
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